Seedy Seasoning

Keep an eye out for this simple little bugger, because it will be used in future recipes on this blog. In the mean time, if you’re really hangin’ to use it, it’s great sprinkled on salads, pasta and as a crunchy topping on savoury baked dishes like lasagne or enchiladas! It can be used as a substitute for all those jerkfaced moments when people use bread crumbs and/or parmesan cheese on things.


Seedy Seasoning

1 Part Savoury Yeast Flakes*
1 Part Sesame Seeds
1 Part Sunflower Seeds
Salt to taste

Blend all ingredients together in a food processor and voila! If you don’t have a food processor, you can pulse the ingredients in a high speed blender or get all old school and crush them in a mortar & pestle. The results can be coarse or fine – it’s all a matter of personal preference.

If anyone’s curious about what kind of food processor I use, it’s a small Sunbeam Oskar. It belonged to Mr. AA’s grandmother in the 70’s and it’s still kicking. I love it!

*Savoury yeast flakes are VERY different to baker’s yeast and brewer’s yeast. You will need to pick these up at a health food store. They’re lovely, savoury little yellow flakes of inactive yeast that are great for a variety of uses – but don’t let American’s fool you into believing they’re a substitute for “cheesy” flavour, because it’s not even close. Well, not close to Aussie cheese, at least. And yes, I fell for that one at first… So I thought it was only fair that I warn you!

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