Book Review: The Indian Vegan Kitchen


Yes, that’s a JB Hi-Fi receipt I’ve been using as a bookmark. I’m classy (thrifty) like that.

So far, I’ve tried four recipes from this book: Cabbage Mixed Vegetables (p. 108), Tomato Rice (p. 144), Zucchini Tomato Dal (p. 136) & Creamy Mushroom Curry (p. 103). The first two listed are pictured below.


I’m going to review this in point form so it’s short and sweet.

The Good:

  • Most of the recipes are simple and very straight forward.
  • The book does contain slightly more difficult recipes but they are difficult in the sense that they’re more time consuming as opposed to requiring special techniques.
  • The lists of spices are short and unintimidating (this is also a bad point!).
  • The ingredients are easy to find.
  • The creamy mushroom curry is a serious winner.
  • There is nutritional information for each recipe and suggestions on how big the serves should be. This is a major plus for those who are counting calories etc.

The Bad:

  • Aside from the cover, this book doesn’t contain photographs which can be a little overwhelming for the inexperienced and/or unconfident cook.
  • The short, simple lists of spices mean that the dishes often lack complexity and feel unfinished.
  • There is no pumpkin in this book, which I found odd and a little frustrating, especially considering I have 3 giant pumpkins at home at the moment. There is also no recipe for korma – so I’ll endeavour to work on this and bring you a recipe for it in the near future!

While this book isn’t perfect, I certainly don’t regret buying it. It’s a valuable addition to my cookbook collection and I don’t doubt that I’ll be referring back to it often – especially when I’m in the mood for some quick Indian food and don’t have the cash for take-out.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Indian Vegan Kitchen

  1. Great review- I like point form good/bad’s… I cannot believe it has no pumpkin in the whole book- but then again, we used a golden butternut pumpkin in a butter couliflour recipe the other day and it sucked all the flavour out of the curry 😦

    • Hmm, I hadn’t considered that pumpkin might screw with the flavour of a curry! Butter cauli sounds awesome! Was it an online recipe or one from a book?? Winter = me diggin’ curries & soups.

  2. I love the review. More reviews please. Nice and easy to read and quickly helps us decide if we want to buy the book or not.
    I would say no to this one mainly because of the short list of ingredients. And whenever I make a curry that has a short list of ingredients, like you, I always feel I want more complexity, more fire, more substance and it makes me feel that I would have been better off getting a takeaway curry.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I know what you mean – this will mainly be a reference point for me. I have better Indian books on my book shelf. In fact, I have a fairly decent collection of books so I’ll definitely be posting more reviews for you 🙂

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