Las Vegas: Mint Indian Bistro

Mint Indian Bistro
730 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States
(702) 894-9334

Mr. AA & I recently returned home from a stylish road trip in a Mustang up the west coast of the USA; we then visited Vancouver & Winnipeg. Over the coming weeks, I’ll update you all on some of our food adventures.

Pictured below is Mint Indian Bistro in Las Vegas. Check it out – there’s Mr. AA making a cameo at the bottom left. What a stud muffin!

Mint 1

Eating in Las Vegas was a challenge for me to say the least. You’d think that among all those ridiculous buffets there would be several vegan options but in truth, guys, the ones I experienced had steamed veggies drowning in melted butter and salads smothered in ranch dressing and other questionable things. Even the breakfast buffets were a nightmare for me – providing fruit from a can as the only vegan option. More than once, I was almost in tears because I was JUST THAT HUNGRY.

I want to first warn you all that Mint is not walking distance from the Las Vegas strip – especially on a hot day – no matter how small the street blocks look on Google Maps.

My poor pale skin was frying under the harsh Nevada sun that day and I was aching for a seat and a cold drink. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, we hailed a cab driver, who took us half a block further to the restaurant. We’d almost made it by foot; but I wouldn’t recommend it.

From the outside, Mint looked a little questionable to me, but we walked in and were greeted by really friendly staff and strong, cold, Indian beer. The exterior is pretty deceiving; on the inside, Mint is actually a really nice, unintimidating restaurant. It’s classy, inviting and unpretentious.

And now, you finally get to see my face! Shamefully, I only drank about 25% of this beer. I was worried about bloating and really wanted as much room in my stomach for Indian food as possible at that moment.

Mint 2

We started with the “organic Himalayan samosas” which were stuffed with peas and potatoes. I’m often weary of samosas because I don’t like ultra greasy food – these, however, were just right. And the DIPPING SAUCES! Oh, how I wish you could taste this photo. The darker one is a tamarind sauce which was sweet and tangy and the green one is a mint chutney. Both were excellent but I preferred the mint chutney while Mr. AA preferred the tamarind sauce. This suited me just fine because it meant we weren’t silently racing each other to the best one!

Mint 3

Here is where I tell you that I was treated like ROYALTY, just for being vegan. When I explained my dietary requirements to the waiter, the manager was at our table having a good old chat with me in minutes and he was excited for me to try something that wasn’t even on the menu yet – a vegan version of the “karma korma”, made with almond milk. He looked far too proud for me to turn him down and honestly, if someone wants to feed me right, who am I to complain??

Below is: garlic naan, butter chicken (Mr. AA’s meal, not vegan), dal tadka, rice, vegan korma & roti. I’d actually tried ordering the dal maharani instead of the dal tadka at first because it was labeled as vegan friendly on the menu, however that wasn’t the case. Thankfully the waiter had the know-how to correct this for me verbally!

Mint 4

We were pretty satisfied by the end of this and pretty much ready to ROLL out of the restaurant. I was mildly upset that I didn’t have room for dessert but that feeling was quickly alleviated when we were invited to come back for the lunch buffet. So yes, two days later, before we left Las Vegas, we went back for one last hoorah. Check out this plate of awesomeness!

Spicy tomato soup, potato & spinach curry, dal again, vegetable pakoras, 2 kinds of rice (one plain and one spiced), chickpea salad and that incredible mint chutney again! Everything here was incredibly impressive – the tomato soup was especially amazing.

Mint 5

And here it is – vegan dessert! While one of these little donut-like dumplings in syrup would have been enough, I was feeling especially gluttonous and ate three. The syrup was spiced with cinnamon and it was just DIVINE.

Mint 6

I’ve been to Indian restaurants across Australia, Japan and now America and this is absolutely one of my top two. I highly recommend you visit it if you’re in Las Vegas, whether you’re vegan or not!

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