Panch Phora (Bengali 5 Spice)

I’ve been keeping myself very busy this weekend. Among the many house chores I took on, I decided to finally fill up my new herb/spice jars and label them because I tend to be a little crazy about having things in the kitchen organised. Unfortunately I underestimated how many jars I’d need and below this drawer is another full drawer of little bags of herbs & spices with pegs holding them closed!

Spice Drawer

I hope y’all don’t feel that today’s post is a bit of a cop out because trust me – it’s an awesome spice mix and it’s going to come up on this blog more than a few times. It has many uses; my favourite is Mr. AA’s fiery Burmese style laksa (a cross between laksa & khao suey). The particular recipe I’m sharing with you today is based on one published by Charmaine Solomon.

Panch Phora

2 TBSP Yellow Mustard Seeds
2 TBSP Nigella/Kalonji (these look like little matte black sesame seeds)
2 TBSP Cumin Seeds
1 TBSP Fenugreek Seeds
1 TBSP Fennel Seeds

Mix together and store in an air tight jar!

10 thoughts on “Panch Phora (Bengali 5 Spice)

    • Haha. Well, I didn’t even have any kind oforganised chaos before this – just chaos. As you can see at the bottom left, I have 2 jars of sumac. That happened to me a number of times with other spices before I finally got sick of it and organised it properly! 😉

  1. What a lovely collection!
    You know, I’m not sure why I never mixed up my own panch phoram before; excellent idea.

    • Uhh… I think we’re gonna be the best of food friends! ❤ I've actually been reading your blog for a while now – I drop in and read lots of entries once every couple of months but I rarely comment. I think I first started around about the time that you moved out to the country – and I was doign the same thing around the same time! I'm totally honoured that you've taken the time to check out my blog 🙂

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