Product Review(s): Kitz Living Foods

Karen from Kitz Living Foods was kind enough to send me a couple of complimentary items to review recently (“super charged” and “naughty but nice”). I decided to get a little carried away with this and ordered additional Kitz products from Vegan Online.

Kitz Super Charged 1

I was just about sold on this product instantly. It’s a fancier version of a raw buckwheat cereal that I make at home – though this is packed with far more variety and nutrients than my version. The only let down was that I was expecting it to be sweet (ok, confession time – I drench my version in agave nectar!). I love the crunch in this but what I love even more is that it’s easy to crumble with your hands; it makes an EXCELLENT, nutrient dense topping for raw banana soft serve.

Here’s a close up, just because it seems necessary. Awesome, no?

Kitz Super Charged 2

This is definitely something I’d buy again as a treat for myself. I say “myself” not because Mr. AA wouldn’t want it, but because I’d rather not share it!

Kitz Banana Date & Walnut Chunks

This is a close-up of the “banana, date & walnut chunks”. As you can see, there’s other goodies in there too! What’s cool about these is that they’re not random looking blobs like you’d expect with a description like “chunks” – they’re shaped into bars and they flex easily for you to break them apart if you don’t want to eat a whole one. They’re chewy but still have some crunch to them and they’re just the right amount of sweet.

Kitz Naughty But Nice Chunks

The “naughty but nice chunks” are pretty good – for me, it’s the subtle coconut in these that makes them worth it. The only down side to these is that they’re supposed to be chocolate flavoured, but nothing about them really strikes me as chocolatey (well, not in the processed chocolate kind of way). If you’re a hardcore cacao fan, you’ll probably be trippin’ over your own feet to snap these up. I’m more of a raw-cacao-in-small-doses kinda girl though, so these were a bit too rich for me. I did, however, really like the fudgy texture!

Kitz Crackers

And finally… The crackers! These were my favourite item and I’m going to be buying them over and over again. You only get 5 in a packet (each one of those can be broken in half, so total 10), but it’s definitely enough. Being faced with these answered some questions about why my attempts at raw crackers haven’t really been that fabulous.

The density of these is perfect – they’re nice and thick so they don’t flake apart. The buckwheat base is successful because it’s not overpowering and these are really filling. If you manage to eat all five of them in one sitting, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call you a little piggy!

Kitz Cracker Dressed
Can you spot one of my dogs making a cameo?

The “Italian herb & garlic” crackers definitely have a tomato/oregano/basil flavour about them and are just divine. The “Mexican buckwheat” ones have a Mexican influence about them, but I can’t quite put my finger on what specific flavour it is that’s dominating… I think it might be coriander (cilantro). These ones are the most subtle of the flavours that I tried.

The “curry buckwheat” flavour is my favourite, though I have to smile and tell you that when you open the packet, you get a powdery *poof* of a very garlicky smell waft up to your nose. It freaked me out a little at first but the flavour of these is so delicious and well balanced that it’s worth pushing past the giggles for!

I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the chili salsa flavour. I made Mr. AA try one and tell me what it reminded him of, hoping that he’d say what I was thinking. We both agreed that these are pretty close in flavour to Arnott’s BBQ Shapes – only they’re of course much healthier and a little spicier. The kick might be startling to some, but I like my food spicy so I love these. I’m just warning you in case you’re a wimp about spicy food.

If anyone’s keen on trying these with a raw dip, check out the french onion dip from Sarahfaé at Addicted to Veggies. You won’t regret it! These are, however, perfectly good to nibble on without any dressings.

4 thoughts on “Product Review(s): Kitz Living Foods

  1. I’m so glad to see that you enjoyed your treats, and thank you for you lovely comments and beautiful photos. For those that live in Adelaide they are availabe also at Bliss Organic.
    thanks again.. Karen 🙂

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