Green Salad & Dijon Dressing

Green Salad
Serves 4 as a side, or two very hungry people!

1 1/2 C Cos Lettuce
1 C Baby Spinach
1 C Snow Peas, trimmed
1 C Green Beans, cut into halves or thirds
2 C Broccoli, cut into bite sized florets
8 Stalks of Asparagus, ends trimmed, then cut into halves or thirds
1 Lebanese Cucumber, cut into half circles
1/2 Haas Avocado, diced
1 TBSP Pepitas

1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 TBSP Fresh Lemon Juice
1 TBSP White Wine Vinegar
1 TBSP Dijon Mustard (heaped)
1/4 tsp Dried Oregano

  • Cook ingredients if desired (cooking times & instructions below).
  • Shock all ingredients except for cucumber, avocado and pepitas in an ice bath.
  • Dry off ingredients in a salad spinner OR drain in a colander, then pat down carefully with paper towels.
  • Combine dressing ingredients by whisking together in a bowl OR shaking together in an air tight jar with a lid fitted.
  • Toss all ingredients together (except for avocado and pepitas). Use your hands to gently massage the dressing into the lettuce & spinach a little.
  • Gently toss in the avocado, then sprinkle the pepitas on top.

I recommend using a combination of raw and steamed ingredients for this salad. Below is a time guide for steaming some of the ingredients; I recommend, at the very least, cooking the broccoli and asparagus.

Snow Peas: 1 minute
Green Beans: 3 minutes
Broccoli: 2 minutes
Asparagus: 1 minute

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