Subtle White Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

This recipe was born because I desperately wanted to make a vegan cheesecake that didn’t taste vegan and believe it or not, I’ve done it! I have a plethora of non-vegan friends, colleagues and even complete strangers that will testify to this. Yep; can you believe that strangers will take free food from a random tattooed lady without expecting to be poisoned? Unbelievable. That’s how much Aussies love free stuff.

While this recipe is technically white chocolate flavoured, the white chocolate in it is VERY subtle. In fact, it tastes more like regular cheesecake than chocolate cheesecake and that’s because I didn’t want this dessert to be too rich or sickly sweet. If sickly is your thing, though, feel free to add more chocolate & sugar. There’s no rules.

You can easily make a non-vegan and/or non-gluten free version of this. I’ve included a series of notes below the recipe with a photograph of the ingredients I used in order to make this both gluten free & vegan. While I’m not a fan of gorging on sweets or eating lots of processed food, I’m totally OK with making an exception for this. It’s seriously worth it.

Subtle White Chocolate Cheesecake
Makes one 20cm x 30cm tray of “bites”

1 3/4 C Sweet Biscuits, crushed
1/3 C Dessicated Coconut
1/3 C Olive Oil Spread
3 Tubs (680g) Cream Cheese
2/3 C Icing Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
3 “Eggs” (Orgran Egg Replacer)
1 1/3 C (200g) White Chocolate, roughly chopped

    • Preheat a fan forced oven to 170C. Grease a 20x30cm ceramic baking tray.
    • Crush biscuits in a food processor and mix in a bowl with dessicated coconut.
    • Melt olive oil spread, mix evenly with the crushed biscuits & dessicated coconut, then press firmly into greased baking tray.
    • In a mixing bowl with an electric beater, beat the cream cheese, “eggs”, vanilla extract & icing sugar.
    • Create a double boiler and melt the chopped chocolate. Below is a photo of my home made double boiler – it’s literally a pot with a stainless steel bowl on top. The pot has water in it that needs to be brought to the boil on high heat. Make sure the boiling water does NOT touch the bowl, or your chocolate will over heat and will be unusable.

Melting chocolate

    • Add the melted chocolate to the mixing bowl and beat into the other ingredients on high until smooth and fluffy. Pour into baking tray on top of biscuit crust.
    • Bake for approximately 1 hour, or until evenly golden across the top. If there’s any jiggly white areas, keep cooking until they’re golden. I’m being a little vague here because I have a fairly strong fan forced oven. If you’re working with something older/weaker, you’ll need to bake the cake longer.
    • Cool at room temperature, then chill in a fridge for a minimum of 8 hours. When ready, cut with a wet knife and pry from baking tray with a fork. The crust sticks together well if you press it into the tray properly and shouldn’t crumble.

GF Ingredients

Ingredient notes:

      • CSR make a range of gluten free icing sugars. Not all icing sugars are gluten free, so make sure you check the label.
      • Both Naturally Good & Leda make vegan, gluten free biscuits that can be used in the base of this recipe. Please don’t feel restricted by the coconut biscuits I used – you can use any variety!
      • Orgran’s “no egg” product is a powdered item that you mix with water and use in baked goods instead of eggs. It’s both vegan and gluten free. If you’re in the states, this is the Aussie equivalent of Ener-G egg replacer.
      • Tofutti’s better than cream cheese is vegan but not labeled gluten free, as it may contain traces of gluten. Kingland‘s vegan cream cheese is labeled gluten free, so if you feel safer using that instead, please do so!
      • Sweet William make a devine gluten free, vegan white chocolate which is soy based. This recipe would work just as well with white rice milk chocolate.
      • Nuttelex is my favourite brand of vegan margarine. I almost always buy the olive oil variety and highly recommend it. It’s both vegan and gluten free.

Variation Suggestion: If you’re feeilng up for it, this is also excellent with a fruit swirl through it. I made a version with the flesh of one mango pureed and swirled through the top of the cake before baking and it was excellent! Don’t add any sugar to your fruit puree though because it’ll sweeten as it bakes.

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