Eatery Reviews: Daily Grind Foodstore & Emerald Hill Café

I’ve been in Melbourne for a couple of days this week, carrying out some training for work. I had the opportunity to try out some of the local eateries for breakfast and lunch and wasn’t dissapointed!

Sorry in advance for the terrible mobile phone photos.

Daily Grind
Daily Grind Foodstore
356 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205

Daily Grind Inside
My first request to black someone out of a photo… hehe.

Day 1: “Flu Fighter” fresh juice & porridge with brown sugar & banana.

The juice was exactly what I expected, which made me happy. The fruit/veg balance was perfect and I could taste the ginger. It was like I’d made it at home myself!

I took a chance on the porridge. I’ve actually tried eating porridge a few times before and have never liked it; I always just thought it was some kind of sloppy muck and couldn’t comprehend how people eat it throughout winter for breakfast. I figured maybe I’ve just been doing something wrong?

As it turns out, what I’d been doing wrong was not covering it in brown sugar, haha! This porridge was pretty good – I loved it and ate most of it. The serve was huge, though… Man-sized, even!

Daily Grind chai

Daily Grind toast

Daily Grind smoothie

Day 2: Soy chai latté, wholegrain toast with peanut butter & a specially made banana/spinach smoothie.

I ordered a soy chai latté as a starter, because I don’t drink a lot of coffee. I love it, but my stomach doesn’t. It also gives me the shakes! My favourite thing about the chai was that it wasn’t sickly sweet, it was just right; I hate when cafés use too much powdered chai mix in my drink. That stuff contains a LOT of sugar and just ends up making me more thirsty!

I was feeling a bit home sick on this morning and just wanted something that I’d normally have for breakfast… So peanut butter on toast it was! I accompanied this with a banana & spinach smoothie – something that wasn’t on the menu, but they made it for me anyway. These guys aren’t afraid of special requests, no matter how strange they are. This really impressed me!

Breakfast both times was excellent and just what I needed/wanted. The morning menu was mostly toast & eggs every which way, which would make it pretty difficult for a vegan and/or celiac to get much variety here. Like I said, though, special requests aren’t a problem and the staff are super friendly.

Emerald Hill Cafe
Emerald Hill Café
189 Bank Street
South Melbourne VIC 3805

Roast carrot salad with a veggie sammie.

Salad and a sammie? Really? Yeah, it seems a little boring, but the sammie had some avocado, as well as thin slices of roast pumpkin and fried eggplant which MADE it. Thank you VERY much to the tall blonde girl behind the counter on both days I visited, who could not only tell me what was in everything but was very accommodating to my special dietary requirements!

This was a great little café with the whole menu on display in glass cabinets. The salads looked amazing; in addition, there was a cabinet of pre-made bread rolls which also had a Subway-style choose your own ingredients station, and a separate section of “home style” hot meals. Everything looked pretty tasty; there was lots of vegetarian, gluten free salads but only one vegan one, so I stuck with that. It was a simple carrot, baby spinach & sesame seed one, but it was delicious; the dressing was a nice mix of sweet and salty. If they’d had it available again on the second day, I definitely would have eaten it two days in a row.

Sorry for not snapping any photos of the food cabinets inside, but this place was seriously buzzing and getting anywhere near the counter was pretty difficult!


Totally unrelated to either of these eateries, I dropped into 7 Eleven and found this iced tea – sugar free and no artifical sweeteners. It was pretty tasty, but a little too sweet for me (it’s sweetened with white grape juice concentrate). I’m keen to try the other flavours though!

Iced Tea

2 thoughts on “Eatery Reviews: Daily Grind Foodstore & Emerald Hill Café

  1. Everything looks great, The porridge looks like a big boiwl of comfort!! Brown sugar DEFINITELY makes Porridge awesome!

    That iced Tea sounds refreshing to me, watermelon and Raspberry WHITE tea…yum!

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