The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk
Nolan St, Bendigo
VIC 3550
(03) 5443 9855

Boardwalk 5

The Boardwalk is a well established café/restaurant in Bendigo that overlooks Lake Weeroona. I’ve been there a couple of times in the past and was heavily unimpressed with the food, thus I hadn’t returned for quite some time. When I heard in November that it was being taken over by a new owner, I was keen to give it another chance and I wasn’t disappointed.

I organised a corporate Christmas party there last month for a group of tradesmen & civil engineers – all meat eating men – thus below you will find some non-vegan photos. The purpose of this is to spread the word about the new chefs, who are highly skilled and very accommodating to veg’ns and meat eaters alike. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about the current menu because we had a set menu, but I can tell you that the food is creative and while it’s not necessarily vegan friendly, with a bit of notice (and some rough guidance to the chefs if there’s anything you don’t/can’t/won’t eat), you’ll definitely be looked after.

Boardwalk 1

This is the chickpea salad I was served. My guidelines to the kitchen were “vegan, no fake meat or dairy, happy to have salad”. This had some thinly sliced pear mixed in with the veggies/greens/chickpeas and the sweetness worked wonderfully – and as you can see, I was wow-ed as soon as I saw the plate. It’s just gorgeous! My only suggestion for this dish would be a lemon wedge. It definitely needed something citrussy to cut through the oily dressing. That being said, I ate the lot and was really happy with being served something so colourful, healthy and heavy on raw veggies.

Below are the two dishes the boys ate – one was a grain fed eye fillet steak and the other was a chicken dish. I meant to ask if they used free range but forgot. Hopefully if Andy sees this he can clarify in the comments section for me/you. No complaints from the boys, everyone loved their meals.

Boardwalk 2

Boardwalk 3

Here’s me with Andy (the new owner)! He comes to The Boardwalk from The Match, along with some other staff. The freedoms he has awarded the kitchen staff is definitely working in his favour; I’ll be sending as many people to The Boardwalk as possible to give them a chance to start fresh.

Boardwalk 4

Can you tell it was just before Christmas by my silly little hat? Thanks for that Sarahfaé! 😉

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4 thoughts on “The Boardwalk

  1. Thank you Nachos! for your kind review.

    We are pleased to hear you were impressed with the meals and thank you for your support. To answer your query above, we actually don’t use free range chickens but we do use free range eggs!

    I look forward to seeing you again soon so you can put our current menu to the test

    Andy & Team

  2. This place looks like somewhere I would actually ENJOY eating at, The food looks so fresh and the layout of their food is so clean aswell, you can tell that it is a place that takes Pride in appearance.
    I Admire your Bravery posting Meat photos!! That is what I love about you!
    Your photos- seriously girl!!! They are great!

    • Yeah I didn’t think twice about it but B was surprised as well. I realise it might upset some people, but hey – it’s MY blog, so they can suck it! I’m always on a mission to make non-veg places more veg friendly 🙂

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