Flouch’s & Ganim’s Market Fresh

12-14 Piper Street
Kyneton, VIC 3444
(03) 5422 3683

Flouchs 1

Flouch’s was recommended to us by one of Mr. AA’s co-workers. I was surprised upon arrival to find that you’re really looked after at the venue as soon as you enter the door. The staff are super friendly and they offer full table service. We had more than one waiter/waitress looking after our table which I didn’t mind at all, because it was nice to meet all the staff. The specials were recited to our table with great confidence and the waiter was able to answer all of my annoying questions about ingredients without hesitating; this guy definitely knew what was what and I was pretty impressed by this. One of the waitresses engaged us in conversation while at our table on every occasion (while setting down cutlery and taking orders); she really made us feel comfortable and warmly welcomed without looming over us. Then there was the chef – one very tall, serious man who was managing to look after the entire restaurant’s orders without even breaking a sweat! What a winner. I wish I could always look that calm in the kitchen.

Flouchs 3

There was a decent wine list which we didn’t even touch on (it was a little early in the day for me) – but in addition they have the usual drinks you can expect. Soft drinks, coffees, milkshakes & water. And in case you’re interested, the lemon lime & bitters is made on the spot, not pre-packaged.

Flouchs 4

These are the sweet potato & tamarind cakes, which are both vegan and gluten free. They’re soft and tangy with a good amount of coriander in them. The salad underneath is Asian influenced and the perfect accompaniment; it contains veggies, buckwheat and toasted broad beans in a sweet, refreshing dressing. Toasted broad beans have honestly never crossed my mind – ever – but they’re a great idea! They added a nice crunch to the salad without the fat and heavy flavour of nuts. I was thoroughly impressed with this dish and would go back again just for it!

Flouchs 2

The menu is available on their website (click at the top of this post to be redirected).

Below are some non-vegan dishes that were ordered at my table (clearly mine was the most impressive and colourful! Hehe):

Flouchs 5
Prawn club sandwich.

Flouchs 8

Flouchs 6
Ploughman’s lunch.

Flouchs 7
Buttermilk pancake with maple syrup & berry coulis.

After our meal, we strolled across the road for some ice-cream/sorbet from Ganim’s Market Fresh, which is a big health food store in Kyneton. These guys have just about everything, including a huge produce section, lots of specialty Asian foods and locally made condiments.

Market Fresh 1

I had the limoncello & detox sorbet flavours. I was particularly intrigued by the detox flavour, as it wasn’t something I’ve seen done before. It was just like an apple, carrot, ginger & beetroot juice – only with sugar! The ginger in it was just perfect, too – a hint, but not overpowering.

Market Fresh 2

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