Dumpling World

Dumpling World1

Dumpling World
Cnr Argyle & Liverpool St
Hobart, TAS 7000

If you Google “Dumpling World Hobart” or find it via the Happy Cow website, you’ll be told to go to 3/138 Collins Street. Let me assure you that at this spot, there’s nothing more than a shop front that’s being renovated. I was almost in tears. Two days later, we found the *real* address for Dumpling World entirely by accident – and oh what a happy accident.

Dumpling World2

Dumpling World has a tacky menu on the wall, covered with photographs of the food, but don’t let that turn you off. To the right of the entry is a dining area and to the left is the counter, kitchen and a bar height bench along the window for singles and pairs to sit and eat at. You can see into the kitchen from the bar style bench which was great for me because I knew my dumplings weren’t frozen and mass manufactured – they were being hand made with love right in front of my eyes.

Dumpling World3

I’ve eaten in Footscray and Richmond – both immigrant areas of Melbourne that are heavily populated with Asian restaurants – and JAPAN, for God’s sake… and I’m telling you now that nothing else I’ve eaten comes close to these dumplings. They are AMAZING. The wrappers don’t split when you pick them up with your chopsticks and the filling is more than just carrot and cabbage. There’s Asian greens and herbs inside; SO MUCH FLAVOUR! Delicious, finely chopped flavour. I can feel myself starting to salivate right now…

I’d definitely go back for the dumplings alone. There’s items on the menu other than dumplings – noodles dishes, Asian soups, stir fries with rice… But I can’t confidently comment on how many of them are vegan friendly. I know the tofu noodle dish doesn’t contain any oyster sauce, but I failed to ask if the hokkien noodles contained egg (they can go either way). Also, I’m sad to say that my gluten free readers are out of luck here.

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    • Aww, seriously? We loved the heck outta Hobart and both agreed that we’d be interested in living there if the opportunity presented itself! Well, on the outskirts, anyway. I don’t think we could go back to suburban living after being on 20 acres šŸ˜‰

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