Late Night Snack: Belgian Hot Chocolate

The other day, Mr. AA took me out for brunch and on the way back to the car, I made a beeline for a boutique chocolate store I’d never been to before – Indulge. The display window was pretty exciting and overwhelming, but none of the pre-packaged shelf items listed ingredients which made me nervous.

After asking about what was vegan/dairy free, I discovered that the choices were pretty limited. In fact, they were sorely disappointing. I was pointed to a small tray of solid dark chocolates in the display case which triggered instant boredom (I think I accidentally made a “face” at them!) – then the lady behind the counter pointed to some Belgian hot chocolate on the shelf behind me – SOLD.

Belgian Hot Chocolate

I had some that night with some fresh, home made almond milk in front of the fire at home. What a perfect way to end a chilly winter evening! It’s been a long time since I had a Belgian hot chocolate – and I’ve never had the luxury of enjoying one in the comfort of my own home; $9.95 for that little bag might seem a little steep, but it’s definitely worth it… Especially if you can make it last.

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