Bath Lane Café

Bath Lane Café
13 Bath Lane
Bendigo, VIC 3550
Ph: (03) 5441 5400

Mr. AA often goes on a “man date” with one of his mates when he has the day off work. They recently went to the Bath Lane Café together, and Mr. AA, being the wonderful, considerate man he was, scanned the menu for vegan options to see if he could bring me there (without me having to dissect the menu and ask to have a special meal made up).

As it turns out, a wonderful lady that I met online via my osteopath is the manager there. She makes a kick arse coffee that will have you climbing the walls if you don’t drink coffee often; it’s super strong and it’s refreshingly fabulous to finally be served soy milk that’s velvety as opposed to foamy! Nice work, Jaime.

Bath Lane Coffee
Can you tell we have a mutual girl-crush? Check out the super cute heart in my coffee! We also both happened to be wearing yellow cardigans – I think our friendship is meant to be.

Bath Lane Juice

I also ordered this juice, which included apple, carrot, beetroot and celery (and ginger at my request). While the balance of fruit and veggies was perfect, the texture was a little grainy. Mr. AA ordered the apple, lemon & ginger juice which was less harsh in texture and again, excellently balanced in regards to flavour.

Bath Lane Veganfast

The breakfast was superb – and very comparable to the one at T’Hooft, only without the hash brown and some other subtle differences.

I was thoroughly impressed with my visit to the Bath Lane Café. If I were to compare it to T’Hooft, I’d say the coffee was better, the meals were fairly equal (the baked beans at Bath Lane are sweeter and tangier, so it just depends how you like them) and the service was significantly better and quicker (with an equal amount of patrons).

I’ll definitely be heading back there next time I’m in the mood for a big, leisurely breakfast!

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Chow down on this!

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