Jerry’s Vegifix

Mr. AA & I spent our 6 year anniversary weekend away at Chopped Rod & Custom festival – it’s a weekend of camping, old cars and music. It’s not a food-oriented event by any means, so I was caught off guard (food-wise) and ended up taking some impromptu photos with my phone – which, as you can see, are fairly questionable in quality.

Chopped Rod & Custom 2012

For the first time ever (we’ve been a few times!), Chopped had some vegan food on offer: Jerry’s Vegi Burgers.

Veg food @ Chopped Rod & Custom 2012

I was excited and impressed – I’d prepared enough food to get me through the weekend (including a raw lemon cheesecake!), but to show my support for a veg-friendly caterer and encourage the organisers to make this option available again, I bought dinner at this stall on Saturday. I’d heard from a very reliable source that the crispy noodle salad on offer was pretty good – better than the veggie burgers – so I placed my order.

Veg food @ Chopped Rod & Custom 2012
Crispy noodle salad.

Can you believe that giant serve was only $10? Half way through it I was pretty full but I powered through and ate the entire plate because it was too tasty to waste! The dressing was a rich sweet and spicy peanut sauce, the veggies were fresh and crunchy and the sprouts and chopped nuts on top really made it! The only thing that would have made it easier to eat would have been a bowl. And maybe a shovel. Ok, ok, maybe the shovel is going a bit far… Hahah.

I had a bit of a chat to Jerry afterwards and found his relaxed attitude very striking and inviting. Jerry’s web page has a list of upcoming festivals that he’ll be cooking at; if you’re attending an event in the future, feel free to put in a request on behalf of all veggo attendees to have Jerry there!

1 thought on “Jerry’s Vegifix

  1. I was SO happy when I receieved your photo of these Noodles. It looked amazing, I hope you try to recreate it for your blog in the near future!

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