Trial & Error: Star Wars Ice-Cream Sandwiches

As some of you may already know, I’m not a Star Wars fanatic. At all. However two very important men in my life are (Mr. AA & our tattooist), so a couple of times a year, you’ll see some kind of Star Wars themed dessert pop up on this blog. I love to make silly things for people’s birthdays that I know will make them happy – because birthdays are the best! And I do not in any way claim to be a baking extraordinaire… I just like to have fun and experiment.

Star Wars Ice-Cream Sandwiches
“Dark Side” Ice-Cream Sandwiches.

I used the snickerdoodle recipe from the Vegan Yum Yum cook book and as it turns out, this biscuit (cookie) dough is really impractical for shaped biscuits. It’s great for pretty, rustic, cracked snickerdoodles, but not defined shapes. I want to make it very clear that this is not Lauren Ulm’s fault (in my experience, her recipes are excellent!), it’s mine – because I was using the recipe for something in which it was not intended.

After a few batches of trial and error, I managed to make it work for me – the trick is to freeze the dough, roll it out/cut it/place on baking paper and freeze again. These biscuits will ONLY work if the dough goes into the oven frozen and the oven is properly pre-heated. If not, your biscuits will spread, crack and become unrecognisable. You also need to cook them for 10 minutes ONLY, or they’ll get too crispy and start to brown.

In addition to my ice-cream sandwiches, my tattooist’s girlfriend, Andrea, made up these wicked chocolate Stormtrooper cupcakes. She made/hand painted these edible chocolate cupcake toppers and has really raised the bar for Mr. AA’s birthday next month!

Stormtooper Cupcake 1

Stormtooper Cupcake 2

Stormtooper Cupcakes

4 thoughts on “Trial & Error: Star Wars Ice-Cream Sandwiches

  1. Come to the dark side- we have Icecream sandwhiches!!!!!!
    I think they look great!! Biscuits are such fiddly things to get right, i also find freezing the dough mix helps keep shape too, It is such a great tip to have mentioned in your blog for other readers!!!!
    The Stormtrooper Cupcakes too omfg!

    • Thank you! Freezing the dough is definitely the most important part of getting the biscuits right. I wish I’d researched it more before having a go, but part of me is glad to have learned it “the hard way”!

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