Emma & Tom’s Life Bars

I’d never heard of Emma & Tom’s – I accidentally found their life bars when I was craving chocolate, so I picked a couple up and thought I’d give them a whirl.

Emma & Tom's Life Bars
Life bars: Cacao & Orange, Banana.

Similar to the popular Larabars (which are a little harder to find in Australia than the USA), these are raw energy bars with limited ingredients.

Orange & Cacao: Dates, raw cashew, raisins, cacao powder (5%), cold pressed orange oil (0.2%).

This flavour was awesome! It was a little fudgy, not too sweet and the orange flavour was there, but it wasn’t overpowering. I’d definitely buy this again.

Banana: Dates, dried banana (22%), raw almond, ground chia seed (8%).

This one wasn’t as tasty. In fact, it was outright foul – I ate less than a third of it. The banana flavour seemed a bit off, like bananas that aren’t quite ripe yet. I tried to go back for a few more bites, but I just couldn’t like it. I love fresh bananas, but these dried banana bars definitely aren’t for me!

At around $2.80 each ($2.55 sale price!), they’re not very economical, but for a convenient on-the-go snack, they’re perfect. I’d be keen to try the other flavours or even some of Emma & Tom’s other products. Their juices seem to be widely available at supermarkets, but I haven’t managed to spot any of the “habitat” drinks (organic sparkling fruit drinks), which I’m most keen to try!

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