Recipe Review: Mini Raw Sweet Potato Caramel Pecan Pies

Raw Swt Potato Pie 1
Mini Raw Sweet Potato Caramel Pecan Pies

A friend of mine form out of town visited yesterday – she’s a raw food lover and requested that I make this pie for her from Fragrant Vanilla Cake. Admittedly, I was pretty apprehensive about eating raw sweet potato because I know it can get that floury coating on it like regular potatoes so I decided to make a back up recipe as well. To my surprise, the sweet potato was superb and my back up recipe was the one that failed!

Raw Swt Potato Pie 2

The most time consuming part of this was soaking, sprouting and dehydrating the buckwheat for the crust. The rest was fairly easy to put together, but it ended up being a very expensive dessert – I used about $15 worth of pecans, $10 of medjool dates, $5 of vanilla extract & beans, plus all the other specialty items (coconut oil, coconut butter, raw cashews etc.), some of which I thankfully already had on hand.

That being said, the recipe yielded double what I expected. Instead of two mini pies, I actually had four – so you could easily use this recipe to make one small to normal sized cake.

Raw Swt Potato Pie 3

Flavour-wise, it was pretty impressive. The caramel alone was the best sweet thing I’ve eaten in ages and I could have downed it by the spoonful (ok, maybe I did). The sweet potato filling was bursting with flavour – heavily spiced and no trace of floury-ness from the raw sweet potato – though to be sure, I whizzed it up in my Blendtec rather than my food processor. I didn’t want to risk any grainyness. And the crust has a great texture – which included a little extra crunch from the buckwheat. Individually, each element of the pies was astoundingly delicious, but altogether it was a little too sweet and rich for me. It probably doesn’t need the caramel, but I wouldn’t skip it, because that’s the best part.

The price alone will turn me off making these adorable little pies again, but the caramel is most likely going to be a staple in my repertoire. I can’t get enough of it and want to eat it over and over again. Perhaps even with my sweet quinoa porridge or a basic chia pudding!

7 thoughts on “Recipe Review: Mini Raw Sweet Potato Caramel Pecan Pies

  1. Oh wow, Don’t they look fantastic!!! I am completly sold on the Pecanand caramel..but I hate sweet potato!! That being said though, i would be willing to try these as the sweet potato being raw…It sounds interesting, like the flavour would alter and be a lot sweeter.
    Great photos too!

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