Fishtales Café

Fishtales 1
Fishtales Café
63 Liebig Street
Warrnambool, VIC 3280

Fishtales 2

With a name like Fishtales, in a regional town on the coast, my assumption was that this might be a fish n chips experience so I planned to bypass it — until I saw this chalk board out the front!

Fishtales 3

The interior was brightly painted and bustling. The wait staff are on the ball and the meals come out quickly – these guys don’t waste any time! There’s a courtyard out the back but on a hot day, the thick walls keep the inside a little cooler, despite the lack of fans/air conditioning.

Fishtales Veg Burgers

This was undoubtedly the most overwhelming menu I’ve ever had to deal with – at six pages long, I really didn’t know what to do and I was admittedly already a little delirious from the 40C heat. There wasn’t a page dedicated to vegetarian options, it was instead spread out like this: an all day breakfast menu, a fish & chips menu, a burger menu, a drinks menu and so on. I had to scan the pages to see what was available to me (more menu photos below) – the vegan options aren’t marked in any way, so just a note to anyone not very savvy when it comes to ordering vegan options… If the vegetarian item contains aioli or pesto, ask for your meal without these.

Fishtales 5
Love Potion No.9 Juice – OJ, Apple, Beetroot & Strawberry

Fishtales 4
Summer Cooler Juice – Watermelon, Apple & Mint

The juices were delicious and thirst quenching, but served at room temperature, which was pretty warm. Thankfully they were happy to provide us with a cup of ice on request!

Fishtales 7
Tofu Burger

When I saw the wholemeal bun, I already felt like I was winning. From bottom to top was: hommus, carrot/red capsicum/bean shoots, tofu, sweet chili sauce, tomato & mixed lettuce. The tofu was obviously of high quality and not over cooked – it had a really nice dense but fluffy texture. Simple but delicious, I’d definitely eat this again and could even make it at home!

Fishtales 6
Chilli Chips

Ok… So I have a bit of a weakness for chips/fries. I didn’t ask any questions about these when ordering (stupid) but thought I better clear it up with them afterwards, just to be sure. On the up side, the chips are vegan/don’t contain any animal fat. On the down side, they share a fryer with seafood. Whether you decide to eat these or not is totally up to your discretion – they taste great, but knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn’t order them again. It just feels a little… Gross. I don’t regret trying them though and I won’t judge you if you decide to have a taste!

Below are some menu photos for your to browse – there was an entire page of international cuisine (curries/stir fries) that I bypassed completely because of the weather, but I know there was some suitable options there too, I just forgot to photograph them. It didn’t appear that any of the sweets on offer in the display cabinet were vegan, but I wasn’t too disappointed by that.

If we were in town longer, I’d love to try a few more things on the menu – we might just have to pencil in another trip for this purpose (no, I’m not joking – there’s also an Indian restaurant and a handful of Thai restaurants in town that I won’t have a chance to check out, sadly!).

Fishtales Breakfast

Fishtales Other Veg Options

Fishtales Focaccias

Fishtales Juice 1

Fishtales Juice 2

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2 thoughts on “Fishtales Café

  1. Reading the above menu I was convinced you would go the lentil burger because i saw peanut butter on it! haha…Your lunch looked great and it looks like a nice clean place full of the freshest foods!

    • Hahah, you know me well! It was a close second – I was struggling to decide, in the end I thought it was best to sus out tge tofu for my review because that could go either way… really good or really bad!

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