Breakfast on the go!

I had every intention of eating these with a basic chia pudding and some raw caramel, but I ran out of time. These are the last of my organic cherries – I bought a tub (yes, a TUB) at the local market last week. I’m going to have to pick up some more this Sunday… What I can’t eat, I will have to pit and freeze for smoothies/raw desserts. They’re just too good to pass up!

Watermelon Keg

After seeing this link via Facebook, I simply couldn’t resist trying to make my own watermelon keg.

I don’t drink alcohol often, so when I do, you know it’s a special occassion – and I don’t do special occassions by halves. I invited a few girlfriends over for a catch up the other week so that I could try and impress someone with this exciting project.

Watermelon Keg
Mr. AA and I successfully made our own watermelon keg!

This is really not as hard as it looks – the worst part is trying to hunt down a tap for it. I tried various hardware stores but had no luck and the local home brew store only had fancy beer taps for $50+ – in the end, I used a tap that was a spare part for our ceramic water filter which cost me $20. The type of tap you’re looking for is called a “spigot” and will have a grommet and nut of some sort on the back to hold it in place. The watermelon was pretty heavy – that came in at just under $10.

Watermelon Keg

After cutting a flat spot on the bottom and making a “lid” out of the top, we proceeded to scoop out all the flesh and install the tap. I juiced the flesh on a low setting on my juicer, then blended the juice with ice, vodka & lime juice, stirring in some lemonade after I’d poured the cocktail into the keg. I figured if I put the lemonade in the blender, it’d create a fizzy explosion. Make sure your drink is a thin liquid – be careful of using a smoothie in this keg, as the smallest lump will block your tap.

In regards to offering advice from my own experience… I’d recommend trying to find a watermelon that isn’t too curved around the bottom. Mine was fairly spherical, which meant that installing the tap near the bottom made it point downwards on a strange angle. The only other thing I would change for next time would be to cut the top (lid) off in a bit of a zig zag pattern so that the lid stays on without slipping and it keeps the drink cold – we had to use a few toothpicks to hold this smooth lid place.

Trial & Error: Star Wars Ice-Cream Sandwiches

As some of you may already know, I’m not a Star Wars fanatic. At all. However two very important men in my life are (Mr. AA & our tattooist), so a couple of times a year, you’ll see some kind of Star Wars themed dessert pop up on this blog. I love to make silly things for people’s birthdays that I know will make them happy – because birthdays are the best! And I do not in any way claim to be a baking extraordinaire… I just like to have fun and experiment.

Star Wars Ice-Cream Sandwiches
“Dark Side” Ice-Cream Sandwiches.

I used the snickerdoodle recipe from the Vegan Yum Yum cook book and as it turns out, this biscuit (cookie) dough is really impractical for shaped biscuits. It’s great for pretty, rustic, cracked snickerdoodles, but not defined shapes. I want to make it very clear that this is not Lauren Ulm’s fault (in my experience, her recipes are excellent!), it’s mine – because I was using the recipe for something in which it was not intended.

After a few batches of trial and error, I managed to make it work for me – the trick is to freeze the dough, roll it out/cut it/place on baking paper and freeze again. These biscuits will ONLY work if the dough goes into the oven frozen and the oven is properly pre-heated. If not, your biscuits will spread, crack and become unrecognisable. You also need to cook them for 10 minutes ONLY, or they’ll get too crispy and start to brown.

In addition to my ice-cream sandwiches, my tattooist’s girlfriend, Andrea, made up these wicked chocolate Stormtrooper cupcakes. She made/hand painted these edible chocolate cupcake toppers and has really raised the bar for Mr. AA’s birthday next month!

Stormtooper Cupcake 1

Stormtooper Cupcake 2

Stormtooper Cupcakes

Raw Lunch Platter

My job can be pretty hectic and demanding… Sometimes, having food on my desk that I can pick at all day is the best way to eat, as I don’t always get a clearly defined lunch break.

Raw lunch platter
Raw lunch platter.

Mixed greens, capsicum (bell pepper), corn, cucumber, carrot, guacamole & cashew sour cream.

Another Raw Lunch!

Yet another recipe from Addicted to Veggies – this is the Loaded Creamy “No Pasta” Salad. I made a half batch, marinated my broccoli for 4 hours in the zip lock bag and skipped the optional pickle relish. The tenderising technique Sarahfaé has come up with is brilliant – I thought the broccoli seemed very lightly blanched. If you like cooked broccoli, don’t be afraid to leave this in the fridge overnight.

Loaded Creamy No Pasta Salad

I don’t know if you can really call healthy food “badass”, but I’m going there. This meal kicks butt.

Even half a batch of the original recipe was pretty huge – I’d say about a third of the full recipe would be one serve for me. Towards the end, I was at that point of knowing if I kept eating I was going to feel sick, but it just tasted so damn good that I couldn’t help myself! Yep. I finished it. Deeeeelicious. This might end up being a semi-regular lunch for me. Not only is broccoli my favourite vegetable EVER, but it really wasn’t that hard to prepare this. I already had some AtV sour cream on hand; the rest of the work was just chopping and storing ingredients in separate layers of my tiffin, ready for a quick assembly at lunch time.

Falafel Salad

Falafel Salad

Today’s lunch is falafel salad. What you see is what you get: baked falafel, spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado & tomato salsa.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been stocking up on food for the freezer (mostly soups). Over the weekend I made a quadruple batch of veggie “chorizo” (16 sausages!) and last night, I made over 24 falafels and decided that I couldn’t wait to reap the benefits of my bulk cooking, so I’m having some for lunch today!