Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant


Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant
329 Elizabeth Street
North Hobart, TAS 7000
Ph: (03) 6234 6115

As we arrived at Amigo’s, we realised we were in the heart of Hobart’s restaurant district – some information that would have been helpful to us in advance. As you enter this restaurant, your senses are tantalised by the rich spices that fill the air.


The menu is available on their website, broken up into three pages. There’s a vegetarian section with two vegan options marked and two gluten free options marked; I thought with my Mexican food knowledge I could wrangle a vegan version of a couple of other menu items, but disappointingly it didn’t work out that way. More on that later!


These salsas were pretty amazing. Mr. AA’s favourite was the corn salsa which admittedly was pretty good but no better than the one I make at home, so I wasn’t quite so excited by it. The other two salsas on the other hand… WOW.

The green one is a tomatillo salsa, which was heavy on the lime juice but light and refreshing in flavour. The only thing I would have added to this is chili – that being said, I can understand why it’s served as a mild dish. Not everyone likes to have tingling gums like me!

The red one was (obviously) a tomato salsa. I loved how rich and sweet this was and the texture was a perfect balance between chunky and smooth.

All of the above came served with a fairly decent sized basket of thick corn chips; we shamefully ate the lot!


This was the vegan chimichanga, which was actually pretty tasty. The plum sauce was a little sweet for me and the potato filling was a bit heavy in my belly, but as far as decadent vegan mains go, this was right up there.

Unfortunately it wasn’t my first choice from the menu – not only because I tend to avoid deep fried foods but also because I *really* felt like eating beans that night. I found out after trying to order the tostada and then the burrito that the beans at the restaurant are mixed with cheese. If I had one complaint about the restaurant, this would be it. Vegans need beans! OK – well THIS vegan needs beans, anyway… Life wouldn’t be half as fun(ny) without bean induced gas. GO LEGUMES.


The kitchen staff were kind enough to improvise and throw together this salad for me and I seriously applaud anyone who puts up with me asking for special things at a restaurant. I try not to be too much of a pain but I knew I was going to need something fresh to go with my deep fried main. This was perfect. Thanks guys!


This is a photo of the “fireballs”, which Mr. AA bravely ordered. They’re not vegan or vegetarian and they’re super duper spicy. Not for the faint hearted!! Mr. AA gave these guys a run for their money when all he left on the plate was a little bit of rice (I won’t tell you how much his face was sweating). As you can see, the serve was monstrous!

On the whole, we really liked this place and would definitely go back (why on earth didn’t I order the guacamole??? *facepalm*). The staff were really friendly and helpful and the manager was happy to chat with me and let me take photos; he even recommended an excellent Mexican beer to drink with our meals. The ONLY let down for me was the lack of vegan meal options with beans.

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Dumpling World

Dumpling World1

Dumpling World
Cnr Argyle & Liverpool St
Hobart, TAS 7000

If you Google “Dumpling World Hobart” or find it via the Happy Cow website, you’ll be told to go to 3/138 Collins Street. Let me assure you that at this spot, there’s nothing more than a shop front that’s being renovated. I was almost in tears. Two days later, we found the *real* address for Dumpling World entirely by accident – and oh what a happy accident.

Dumpling World2

Dumpling World has a tacky menu on the wall, covered with photographs of the food, but don’t let that turn you off. To the right of the entry is a dining area and to the left is the counter, kitchen and a bar height bench along the window for singles and pairs to sit and eat at. You can see into the kitchen from the bar style bench which was great for me because I knew my dumplings weren’t frozen and mass manufactured – they were being hand made with love right in front of my eyes.

Dumpling World3

I’ve eaten in Footscray and Richmond – both immigrant areas of Melbourne that are heavily populated with Asian restaurants – and JAPAN, for God’s sake… and I’m telling you now that nothing else I’ve eaten comes close to these dumplings. They are AMAZING. The wrappers don’t split when you pick them up with your chopsticks and the filling is more than just carrot and cabbage. There’s Asian greens and herbs inside; SO MUCH FLAVOUR! Delicious, finely chopped flavour. I can feel myself starting to salivate right now…

I’d definitely go back for the dumplings alone. There’s items on the menu other than dumplings – noodles dishes, Asian soups, stir fries with rice… But I can’t confidently comment on how many of them are vegan friendly. I know the tofu noodle dish doesn’t contain any oyster sauce, but I failed to ask if the hokkien noodles contained egg (they can go either way). Also, I’m sad to say that my gluten free readers are out of luck here.

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Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA – I just arrived home from a fabulous trip in Tasmania, where Mr. AA & I got engaged. I have plenty of updates coming up for you (both eatery reviews and recipes), so stay tuned!

When we arrived in Hobart, even before checking in to our cabin, I insisted on making a special stop for lunch. We’d heard of a place called “Heartfood” via the Happy Cow website, so we made our way into town. Hobart is a surprisingly easy city to navigate – once you have all the one way streets worked out. After 3 days, we felt like locals! Ha.


64 Liverpool Street
Hobart TAS 7000
(03) 6234 2884 ‎

Heartfood is a little take away shop – much smaller than I was expecting – that’s only open for lunch. There’s 4x tables of two in there and a giant floor-to-ceiling mirror to make you feel a little less claustrophobic. Mr. AA & I sat at a table looking out, watching the hustle and bustle of Liverpool St. If you don’t fancy sitting inside, there’s a communal outdoor eating area that all the surrounding eateries share which is just a short walk to the other end of the arcade.


This was the first thing I saw when I walked in and I might have let out a little squeal of excitement when I realised they had sweets I could eat (I’m not kidding). To the right of this was a drinks fridge, which not only stocked Phoenix cola, but also coconut water with no additives (I don’t know about y’all, but I struggle to find coconut water that doesn’t contain sugar – what’s with that?)! To the left was the bain marie, which housed all the hot, savoury options which change daily.


All of the dishes were clearly marked – most of them were both gluten free and vegan. I was having a lot of trouble making a decision, so I chose to try two dishes with rice.


At the back is a tomato/veg/tofu dish. Mild and not overpowering – but not too bland either… Though it seemed pretty dull compared to the amazing coconut milk curry on the left. None of the food was spicy, so if you don’t dig chili, then you’re in for a treat.


This was the vegetarian lasagne (not vegan) and a couple of vegetable pakoras. Mr. AA said these were both excellent and he was thoroughly satisfied!


I have no idea why this is called a “rainbow cookie”, but it was AWESOME. It was like a chewy muesli bar bite with chocolate on top. I might have gone back for another one of these.


I went back on another day during our trip for a take-away lunch (yes, I liked the food that much) and got another great veggie curry! This one was tomato based (not creamy) and comparable to a mild aloo mutter, only with a bigger variety of veggies in it.

I was thoroughly satisfied and impressed and wish there was a Heartfood around the corner from where I work, so could eat there every day! It actually made me a little homesick for Lentil As Anything.