Coconut-Cashew Vanilla Ice-Cream

I’ve been in the mood for a sweet treat this week and banana soft serve simply wasn’t cutting it. I wanted something creamier, richer and fattier. Thus, I’ve come up with a coconut-cashew vanilla ice-cream recipe for you! It’s quick to throw together, but you’ll need to devote about 6 hours to being close to your freezer unless you use an ice-cream maker (don’t worry, most of it is inactive, so you can go about your business doing whatever you need to get done at home). The texture of this is smooth and creamy. Many cashew based ice-creams use water and this causes them to form icicles as they begin to freeze – you won’t have that problem here.

Coconut Ice-Cream
Yields approx 750ml

2 C Coconut Milk (use a good quality one without preservatives if possible)
1 1/2 C Raw Unsalted Cashews
1/4 – 1/2 C Agave Nectar (to your taste – 1/2 C will be VERY sweet)
2 t Vanilla Extract

  • Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender until smooth. I normally give it about a minute.
  • Pour into a 1 litre air tight, freezer friendly container and place in the freezer with lid on.
  • Stir/mix/agitate every 2 hours for 6 hours with a miniature whisk. You could also use a fork if need be.
  • Leave in the freezer overnight/8 hours, then dig in when you’re ready! Serve with some dessicated coconut if you’re feeling fancy.

Recipe Notes
If you don’t have a high speed blender, you can use a food processor – but only a top notch food processor will work. I would make the following recommendations to make sure your ice-cream isn’t grainy:

  • Soak the cashews in the coconut milk for an hour or two before doing any blending.
  • Start by grinding only the cashews in the food processor, then slowly adding in the wet ingredients. This will encourage your food processor to create a smooth paste and will avoid grainy bits.
  • Follow the remainder of the instructions as written above. You may need to process a few more times as it starts to freeze.

Recipe Review: Raw Ice-Cream

When Mr. AA saw bananas on the kitchen bench last week, he exclaimed “We can afford bananas? We’re living like kings!”. For all my international readers: bananas are around $14/kg in Australia at the moment.


Easy Banana Almond Ice-Cream

I want to start by saying that I’m not a raw foodist – not by a long shot. However that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy some raw food lovin’ every now and then.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the raw food world, one of the most revolutionary things to come from it (in my opinion, at least), is banana soft serve. Someone once told me that Gena’s post would change my life – and it did. It meant that I was no longer stuck with soy ice-cream – which, as a general rule, I find a little revolting. Soy anything, really. I’ve just learned to tolerate it.

Sarahfaé from Addicted to Veggies really took banana soft serve up at least 23 notches when she created her easy banana almond ice-cream. Not only is this recipe easier than pie – it’s also super amazing and admittedly a recipe I’ve used at dinner parties more than once to knock the socks off unsuspecting omnivorous friends. The end result is sweet, creamy, nutty & a little zingy.

Give it a go, guys! You won’t regret it.