Baking Product Reviews: Wilton Icing Colours, LorAnn Oils & CK Products Decorations

First up, in case anyone is wondering about the photo (which is clearly not mine), it was taken by a close friend of mine. He’s a total perfectionist; LOOK AT THE RESULTS! They don’t lie. If you’re looking for someone to take some photos for you, drop me a line. I might just put you in touch with him.

Wilton Icing & CK Decorations 1

Wilton Icing Colours
I tried the leaf green, sky blue, lemon yellow & red. My favourite thing about these is that they’re in the form of a thick paste, rather than a liquid – meaning controlling how much you’re using is a lot easier and if you add too much, it’s easy to scrape it out before it soaks into everything. All the colours were impressive. If used in small amounts, they yield pastel coloured results but with heavier colouring, you can get some amazing and very bold colours. Two thumbs up, would definitely use these again.

LorAnn Oils
I only had a chance to try the bubblegum flavoured oil, and I’m pretty sure I used too much of it. That being said, though, the smell and taste was magnificent. I’d definitely love to explore using more of these in the future (the range is vast and exciting!) and at the very least, can recommend the bubblegum flavoured one!

Thank you very much to Sandie from The Greedy Pepper for showing these to me and telling me where to buy them. For anyone interested, you can purchase these (and the other products mentioned on this post) online at Baking Pleasures. I’ve also been lucky enough to find the Wilton Icing Colours at a local homewares store.

CK Products
The “Jimmies” are what we (Australians) would call sprinkles; CK Products is an American company. The jimmies were pretty impressive and one of the most affordable brands of vegan sprinkles I’ve been able to find – and unbelievably, they come in a decent range of colours. I’m keen to get my hands on some chocolate ones but both times I tried, they were sold out! The “Candy Beads” are exactly what you’d expect. Hard balls of sweet, brightly coloured candy. They look gorgeous but watch out – they’ll break your darn teeth if you’re not expecting them to be hard!

Wilton Icing & CK Decorations 2

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