Watermelon Keg

After seeing this link via Facebook, I simply couldn’t resist trying to make my own watermelon keg.

I don’t drink alcohol often, so when I do, you know it’s a special occassion – and I don’t do special occassions by halves. I invited a few girlfriends over for a catch up the other week so that I could try and impress someone with this exciting project.

Watermelon Keg
Mr. AA and I successfully made our own watermelon keg!

This is really not as hard as it looks – the worst part is trying to hunt down a tap for it. I tried various hardware stores but had no luck and the local home brew store only had fancy beer taps for $50+ – in the end, I used a tap that was a spare part for our ceramic water filter which cost me $20. The type of tap you’re looking for is called a “spigot” and will have a grommet and nut of some sort on the back to hold it in place. The watermelon was pretty heavy – that came in at just under $10.

Watermelon Keg

After cutting a flat spot on the bottom and making a “lid” out of the top, we proceeded to scoop out all the flesh and install the tap. I juiced the flesh on a low setting on my juicer, then blended the juice with ice, vodka & lime juice, stirring in some lemonade after I’d poured the cocktail into the keg. I figured if I put the lemonade in the blender, it’d create a fizzy explosion. Make sure your drink is a thin liquid – be careful of using a smoothie in this keg, as the smallest lump will block your tap.

In regards to offering advice from my own experience… I’d recommend trying to find a watermelon that isn’t too curved around the bottom. Mine was fairly spherical, which meant that installing the tap near the bottom made it point downwards on a strange angle. The only other thing I would change for next time would be to cut the top (lid) off in a bit of a zig zag pattern so that the lid stays on without slipping and it keeps the drink cold – we had to use a few toothpicks to hold this smooth lid place.

3 thoughts on “Watermelon Keg

  1. Now that is a very sophisticated version of a vodka watermelon that I had at a party about 15 years ago. A hole was cut in the watermelon and a bottle of vodka was poured in. It sat for a while, then someone hacked it into pieces. Yum!
    Yours is like the ‘grown up’ version! I love it.

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